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What to Expect

We are deeply committed to every client. Each phone call, email and meeting is important to us. Our team focuses on your specific goals and needs every step of the way. From the introductory call, to multiple annual reviews, our goal is to create an extraordinary experience for every client. We are passionate about your success, education, comfort, trust and personal goals. Our clients feel at home here. Never pressured. Always answered. Prompt attention. Consistently adding value. Why we do it? It’s simple: our passion is to see YOU succeed. 

What you can expect from us:

Our first communication serves as both your, and our, first interview. Our objective: Can we be a winning team working together?


Our first meeting

The introduction of the specialists to meet your stated goals. Our objective: Can we work together towards common goals? We want to know about you, your current situation, financial transition, or need. We also want you to know about us. How we can help you pursue your immediate, intermediate and long-term goals. 


Our first meeting follow-up

The Plan Creation: Here’s where we get to work. Our team deliberates and begins brainstorming planning possibilities and solutions for you. In collaboration with you, we begin to create a game plan that focuses on implementation strategies that we will present to you during our second meeting. 


Our Second Meeting

Presenting Your Game Plan: Our specialists will present their findings and solutions; educate you on our recommendations; and why we think they are in your best interest. We will also spend time continuing to understand you and your potentially evolving goals. 


Plan is launched

Congratulations, you are now part of the HD Team. This isn’t something we take lightly. We pride ourselves in our transparency, solutions and client communication.


First Review

After the first month of your strategy being implemented, we get together to discuss immediate results and field initial questions from you. After this meeting, based on your needs and wants, we will plan to meet annually, semi-annually, on a trimester basis or quarterly.


Regular Reviews

Our clients receive a weekly email updating them on the current market trends, a monthly financial lifestyle piece and a monthly retirement insight piece. We want you to always be in the know.

We are extremely committed to our clients and active in our relationship as your financial planners. We encourage you to come see and feel the difference.