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What We Do

For the last two decades, we have provided clients with premier service focused on their investment/financial planning and tax planning/preparation.  At HD Financial Specialists we have expanded to an even more unique experience for our clients. We have united financial planners, tax planners, estate planners and Medicare planners to holistically serve and build our clients the most well-diversified plans.

Our Approach

Each client has a specific need and goal. Our commitment is to provide our clients an individually-tailored plan to meet their specified needs and goals.  We operate our business using a simple creed: Honesty, Pride and Commitment.  Each of our specialists are top-notch planners in their respective fields. We have created synergy between the four prime elements of financial success.   

Our Mission

We strive every day to add value to our client’s financial futures. Whether preparing tax returns, rebalancing retirement portfolios, reviewing wills or comparing Medicare programs, our focus always revolves around our client.  We will never stop in our pursuit to guide our clients, both individuals and businesses alike, to their personal needs and goals.

About the HD Team

Our goal is to add value to our client’s financial lifestyle with every conversation, meeting, email and event. 

Financial Solutions

We at HD Financial Specialists are a unique, passionate and experienced group of specialists offering effective solutions for Financial, Tax, Estate  and Medicare.