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Medicare Solutions

Health Care: Retirees’ #1 Expense

As retirement specialists, we found we were getting many questions pertaining to medical insurance in retirement, specifically about Medicare. We decided rather than avoiding these questions, we would get qualified to answer and provide effective solutions. With multiple AHIP licensed representatives, we are your solution to plans you want to see. We work with many of the top carriers to provide you an objective, top-notch Medicare plan.

Our Medicare solutions include:


New sign ups


Current plan review


Open enrollment support


Part A (Hospital Insurance), B (Medical Insurance), C (Advantage Plans), D (Prescription Drugs Plans), and Medigap/Supplemental Insurance


Working eligibility review


Social Security cost calculations

Multiple Carriers

As an independent company, we are able to quote and compare plan options from most major insurance companies. This ensures our clients are receiving a tailored solution for all their health care solutions.

Individualized Service

We believe health insurance enrollment should be a face-to-face, personal discussion.  You’ll be able to meet with an HD representative who will review your plan, health history and potential needs to identify the right plan for you.