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Financial Planning Solutions

Financial planning is a marathon, not a sprint. A disciplined approach is essential.

At the core of HD Financial Specialists is HD Financial Solutions. This is the foundation built on establishing and pursuing our client’s financial goals. Without a coherent, nimble and well-executed plan, it’s very difficult to make important financial decisions. Our financial planning solutions are comprised of the following four areas of experience:

Wealth Advisory Services

After our group gets to know you, your family, evaluate your risk, time horizon and current investments, we  customize a strategic portfolio together to pursue your short-, medium- and long-term goals. Our group does not use a “cookie-cutter” strategy, you will receive a custom tailored portfolio that you will understand, be comfortable with (in good times and bad) and that will ultimately help you pursue your specific objectives.

Life Event

We are there to help you succeed through whatever life throws at you. Whether you are buying a new home, inheriting assets, starting a family, opening a business or changing jobs, we are here to help ensure your transition is seamless financially. Through our custom plans and projections, we can show you both sides of your transition.

Financial Strategies and Goals-Based Planning

This is typically the first step in our process. We need to know all about YOU! During these stages we will discuss your current plans, achievements, shortfalls, tax situation, cash flow, etc. This helps us to create our “game plan” and allows us to customize a portfolio of investments.

Multigenerational and Legacy Planning

You have done it! You have gotten to a financial place where you are ready to think about the next generations. Congratulations! However, this step requires a great deal of attention to make sure your plans are executed as you planned. Whether you are considering gifting assets, donating funds, creating a trust or just want to go through how it will look if you are no longer here, we are here to design the plans and institute them in a way that you understand and that is the most effective and efficient.

How Can a Financial Professional Help?

People often view financial guidance as investment guidance. However, there’s a big difference between simply managing your investment portfolio and taking a holistic approach to coordinating your entire financial picture. Only a full-service, independent financial professional provides the critical strategies, services and guidance you require across your financial life to eliminate any conflicts and create alignment between your various strategies.

Below are 10 of the many ways a financial professional can help you move closer to your financial goals:

  1. Formalizing, prioritizing, and documenting your goals
  2. Coordinating your investment, insurance, tax, retirement, and estate planning strategies
  3. Reviewing and adjusting strategies to maintain alignment over time
  4. Proactively managing risk across all aspects of your financial life
  5. Measuring and reporting progress against your goals
  6. Monitoring changes in your life and family situation and recommending adjustments to your strategies as needed
  7. Remaining up-to-date on economic, tax, and financial market changes and legislation
  8. Developing tax-advantaged wealth transition strategies for retirement and estate planning
  9. Serving as a single point of contact to coordinate services and expertise across multiple disciplines, such as mortgage services, insurance, employee benefits, trust services, business succession planning, etc.
  10. Working with your tax and legal advisors to coordinate and implement guidance

If you’d like to learn more about how working with an independent, full-service financial professional can help, contact the office at any time.